A Little Wedding Whimsy….(Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake)

I love a bride who knows what she wants!  Mrs. Amber knew she wanted, something a little wonky, a little zany, and definitely unique.

When we first spoke, Amber had several pictures of different whimsical wedding cakes.  One was an inverted cake with the largest tier on the top and the smallest on the bottom; another had square tiers, and the final cake was a topsy turvy.  She preferred the square cake but her fiance preferred the topsy turvy.  So I suggested she start her marriage on the right foot with a compromise.  We decided to do the topsy turvy cake but with square tiers instead of round.

Now, this cake was challenging on several levels.  First, it was HUGE!  It fed well over 175 people.  Second, I’d only done one other topsy turvy cake, and it was about 1/8 the size of this one and round.  Finally, I had another wedding cake order that same weekend (I’d never done 2 weddings in one week!), but you never know what you can do until you try!  Right?!  Oh and I also made the crazy topper!  Whew….

The four tier cake included a marble tier, a red velvet tier with cream cheese filling, and 2 strawberry shortcake tiers (white almond cake with strawberry glaze filling) all with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant!  So yummy 🙂

Feeds 175-180                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  MSRP $1000

The Amber Blue black and white topsy turvy wedding cake

"Amber" Blue, black and white topsy-turvy wedding cake

The Amber topsy turvy wedding cake

Close up of topsy turvy wedding cake. Can you see the love in the cake?


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