A Cake with Monster Energy!

This week’s cakes were kind of crazy but a little fun!  I got to help celebrate two momentous birthdays.  The first was for a 16 year old guy named Grant, who like most boys his age, loves a good energy drink! 🙂

I never actually met Grant, but his mom was very excited to get him a cake shaped like a giant Monster energy drink for his birthday party at Lake Jackson in Florala, AL.  So I set off to make a giant cake that looked like Grant’s favorite drink laying on it’s side.  The cake actually ended up being 4 times the size of the real drink.  My very spatially-aware husband had to bust out a tape measure and calculator to make sure that the proportions were spot on.  He doesn’t seem to think that my “that-looks-good-to-me” strategy is good enough! 😉  I’m glad I have him around for those things.  The cake turned out amazingly well.  In fact when we showed pictures to a friend while at a party at Helen Back pizza on Okaloosa Island, she wanted to know why we were showing her a picture of an energy drink 🙂

Of course the birthday cake tasted just as good as it looked!  It was a delicious golden butter cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and my world-famous (well it’s famous in my head!) marshmallow fondant.  The Monster M and logo were cut out of fondant 🙂

monster energy drink cake

Grant's 16th birthday Monster Energy Drink birthday cake. Feeds 50-60. MSRP $200

Black and blue monster drink cake

Top view of the Monster Energy birthday cake 🙂

*Side Note*  While searching Google images for other Monster Energy drink cakes, so I could see how others had constructed and designed their cakes, I found a cool Monster drink cupcake from a bakery in Michigan.  It’s actually flavored with Monster!  So what do you think, should I make an energy drink flavored cupcake?  If so, what flavor would you like to see?  I think Sobe Energize would be yummy!


6 thoughts on “A Cake with Monster Energy!

  1. Hi!

    My friend is a HUGE fan of Monster Energy Drinks and her 16th birthday is coming up. I really wanted to make a Monster Energy Drink flavored cake. I looked everywhere for a recipe and can’t find one. Do you mind sharing the recipe?

    Thanks and God bless,

    • The cake actually wasn’t a Monster flavored cake. But a good, simple place to start is to use a lemon or white cake mix and substitute monster drink for the water in the batter. That should give you a pretty tasty and easy place to start. I hope that helps. Thanks for visiting my website!

    • Hey Katie,
      My 18 year old son is also a fan, I made him a Monster cake with monster energy drink in the cake as well. I used box red velvet mix and sub water for monster. Turned out great gave the cake a little bite! Next time I would use yellow,white or lemon mix instead. He is red velvet fan…..usually my homemade but I was pressed for time

  2. What size round cakes did you use?! My husbands b-day is sept 3 and I’d like to make this as its his favorite drink! Great job on this cake!

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