9/11….A mini tribute in cake :)

Ten years ago today, I was sitting in a classroom at the University of West Florida’s FWB campus with a class full of military spouses, trying to grasp what exactly had just happened.  I wasn’t connected to the military in any way except that I live next to Eglin AFB.  I didn’t know anyone in NYC; I didn’t know anyone in the Pentagon, but I still felt lost and confused and heartbroken over the loss of hundreds of strangers that felt like family.  Over the following hours, days, weeks and months, I mourned the loss of so many precious lives lost on 9/11 along with the rest of our country.  Today, I’m still saddened by the memory.  In fact, tears are flowing down my cheeks as I type this.  But today so many brilliant people have reminded us to remember the fallen, but to rejoice in the life and joy that still fills our lives.  So when I finish this, I’m going to dry my cheeks and go hug my children, and say a little prayer thanking my God for so many blessing in my life and for brave men and women who still rush into the Frey in the hope to save even one life.  I only have one cake for this post, but I think it’s a very appropriate one.  Thank you to all those who, 10 years ago,faced fire, falling buildings and hidden dangers to try to save as many as they could.  You are the heart and soul of our country, and you will never be forgotten.

Firefighter cross birthday cake

To all the firefighters, police officers, rescue workers and everyone else who worked so hard to find life in the wreckage--Thank you!