Giraffe Baby Shower Cakes….Too Cute for Words! (But I’ll try!)

So I love making baby shower cakes.  I can’t help it.  I mean I love babies, and I love anything cutesy!  I can’t help it I’m a girl! 🙂  Now add a giraffe to the mix, and I’m a big ol’ bowl of mush!

I just thought I’d share a collection of baby shower cakes that features my friend the giraffe.  Go ahead and try to make it through this blog without saying (or thinking) AWWWWW….  I dare you!

yellow blue and green jungle baby shower cake

I know there are other animals on this cake, but that little giraffe is just so stinking cute! I love it!

Gumpaste giraffe baby shower cake

I mean just look at that face!!!!

This next cake is a little more sophisticated and less whimsical.  I love the simplicity of it.

Carters Giraffe baby shower cake

This baby shower cake was based on the bedding for the baby's nursery 🙂

This last cake is my absolute favorite.  A friend of mine stated it best.  “First I want to squeeze it, then I want to bite it!”

3D sculpted giraffe baby shower cake

Ooooweeee! Isn't he the custest thing you ever saw in your whole life!!!

Back view of giraffe baby shower cake

He's even cute from the back. Look at his tail!!!

Oh and I named him Jaffy.  I just couldn’t help myself!


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