Gravity Defying Cakes

Want something festive and out of the ordinary? How about a gravity defying cake? Design your own or let us do it for you! What could be more fun?birthday46
Gravity Defying Upside Down Cake

Not a Cake Fan?

Not a cake fan? Maybe you know someone who isn’t? There’s always that one person at the party who just doesn’t care for cake.Scientist

It’s hard to accommodate them in the sweets department. I get it. I do. So what’s the solution? How about a rice crispy treat cake? It’s a fun, modern alternative to cake. And it’s less expensive! Continue reading

Friend’s Weddings

May 30th I made a wedding cake for a dear friend that I’ve known since middle school. I was even fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid. Her wedding was very sophisticated and elegant all in one . The reception was even more so. It was a formal tea party! She gave me free range to do with her cake as I pleased. I thought to myself, ‘what fits with a tea party?’ Well…I chose to do a chandelier cake. I suspended it in mid air. As I hung it from a single clip, I watched as everyone gasped when I let it go. Would it fall? Nope! It hung there for about 2 hours before it was time to cut it. I watched as the same people who gasped earlier held their breath as my husband and I  took the cake down from the stand. I’ve never had the attention of a whole room before, but my oh my was it awkward.

Chandalier cake Chandalier Cake 2

To go along with the wedding cake, I made a groom’s cake. It was Kirby pushing a Kirby vacuum cleaner. Can you guess the new couple’s last name? 😉

Kirby Cake

Then this week, June 6, I was fortunate enough to make the cake of another long time friend. I’ve been friends with the groom since 3rd grade! Their theme was burlap and sunflowers. I’ve never seen such a beautiful country chic wedding. No details were left undone. Hay bales to sit on, a barn type overhang decorated with tea lights in mason jars, a varnished homemade wooden cake plate with the couple’s name engraved…you name it, they had it! Oh, and the cupcake stand was also homemade to match the cake plate. The site of the venue was absolutely breath taking. I grew up in the country, so this country girl can appreciate the simple beauty of things.

sunflower wed 2Sunflower wedsunflower cupcakes

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, I enjoy doing wedding cakes. But it sure is something special to do them for the friends you grow up with. People who you know a backstory to, and they know yours. May these two beautiful couples have a long, blessed life together. And thank you…for letting me be a part of your memories!

Movie Lovers Popcorn Birthday Cake

One of my regular customers called and requested a “Hollywood Themed” birthday cake for her 11 year old daughter. Her party was being held at a local theater and they wanted a movie/Holywood feel for the birthday girl. The mom texted me a picture she had found on Pinterest that was the concept she wanted. The cake was designed well so I stayeed true to the original with a few minor changes to suit the event for my client.

Movie Lovers Popcorn Birthday Cake

Movie Lovers Popcorn Birthday Cake

I used a new technique that I found on YouTube to make popcorn out of marshmallows (after watching several). I believe it turned out well and gives the cake a true popcorn feel on top. I was excited to make them out of marshmallows instead of fondant since fondant is not as tasty as these sweet treats. My husband could not believe how realistic they turned out.

Creating a cake that was an homage to all movies was nice since I have designed cakes for clients from movies like Harry Potter, Iron Man, & Batman and Scarface. Speaking of movies, I am looking forward to Iron Man 3 & the next chapter in the Hunger Games series coming out :).  I typically drive out to the AMC theater at the Destin Commons for the big blockbusters.

If you could have a cake made after your favorite movie, what would it be?

Backyardigans Birthday Cake – Arrrrrghhh!

Even though the Backyardigans are 8 years old their popularity has not waned thanks to exclusive episodes being released on DVDs. In fact, the last DVD that was released on March 8, 2011 was titled “We Arrrr Pirates!”. Thanks to this latest DVD I received an order based on this theme. The mother contacted me about creating a Backyardigans birthday cake for her son’s 3rd birthday that was 3 weeks away (always happy when a customer orders a cake early so I can fit them in my busy schedule ). She had sent me several pictures of Backyardigans cakes she had found online but when she also saw my pirate cake she wanted to incorperate the map layer onto the cake  too. So I said, “No problem, I can do that”.

I based the characters off the latest episode with their peg legs, eye patches, treasure chest, and hook to complete the look. I ended up spending about 3 hours sculpting the details of all 5 of the characters. How do you think it turned out?

Backyardigans cake Pablo Tyrone Tasha Austin Uniqua

Backyardigans birthday cake with scultped figures of Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, Austin, & Uniqua. Cake includes a ocean based bottom layer, pirate map themed layer, tpped with a palm tree.

The We Arrrr Pirates! DVD includes the, as yet unbroadcast, episode The “Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon” which is a sequel to the season 3 episode Tale of the Mighty Knights. This DVD also includes the season 4 series finale. Now that I am looking at this again, it seems my fish were inspired by the Goldfish crackers that you eat…… I blame my children 🙂