Giraffe Baby Shower Cakes….Too Cute for Words! (But I’ll try!)

So I love making baby shower cakes.  I can’t help it.  I mean I love babies, and I love anything cutesy!  I can’t help it I’m a girl! 🙂  Now add a giraffe to the mix, and I’m a big ol’ bowl of mush!

I just thought I’d share a collection of baby shower cakes that features my friend the giraffe.  Go ahead and try to make it through this blog without saying (or thinking) AWWWWW….  I dare you!

yellow blue and green jungle baby shower cake

I know there are other animals on this cake, but that little giraffe is just so stinking cute! I love it!

Gumpaste giraffe baby shower cake

I mean just look at that face!!!!

This next cake is a little more sophisticated and less whimsical.  I love the simplicity of it.

Carters Giraffe baby shower cake

This baby shower cake was based on the bedding for the baby's nursery 🙂

This last cake is my absolute favorite.  A friend of mine stated it best.  “First I want to squeeze it, then I want to bite it!”

3D sculpted giraffe baby shower cake

Ooooweeee! Isn't he the custest thing you ever saw in your whole life!!!

Back view of giraffe baby shower cake

He's even cute from the back. Look at his tail!!!

Oh and I named him Jaffy.  I just couldn’t help myself!

Are You Ready for Some College Football Cakes!

So I guess college football season started a few weeks ago or something.  😉  I know this because my FB news feed was bombarded with “Roll Tides” and “Go Gators” and “Noles!” and “Fly Peacocks!”  (I may have made up one or two of those 🙂  )  Any way,  my recent cake orders also illustrated the start of football season.  So for all you pig skin lovers out there (and I don’t mean the kind you get in a plastic bag!  Mmmm….. pork rinds!) here is a parade of college football cakes!

First since I live in Florida we shall start with a Florida team!  Go Noles!

FSU baby shower cake

Mer really wanted a sports themed baby shower cake in FSU colors for her friend's co-ed baby shower.

I know it also has baseballs and basketballs, but it was the only Florida cake I had!

Since I practically live in Alabama (it’s only 20 minutes away!) and I have gotten WAY more requests for Alabama teams, here are the representatives for AL!

Alabama birthday cake

Don't you love the houndstooth print?! I do 🙂

Alabama football cupcakes

Aren't the little footballs on the cupcakes too cute?!

Univ of Alabama birthday cake

Crimson University of Alabama logo birthday cake

Custom Alabama Tae Kwon Do books birthday cake

Custom birthday cake featuring Alabama, Tae Kwon do, and the birthday boys favorite books

Auburn University cupcakes

How about some Auburn cupcakes?! Looking pretty good, huh?!

We can’t forget about old LSU!  My husband almost went to school there 🙂  If he had, he’d say something like “Geaux Tigers!”  when he saw this cake!

LSU football helmet grooms cake

Yep that's a cake!

3D LSU football helmet cake

Another cool angle of the LSU helmet 🙂

So I wrote this blog and I keep getting more requests for college football cakes.  I keep adding more and postponing finishing the blog.  Well, I’m done, I know I’ll probably get more requests for something college football related next week but I don’t care!  😉  Here are a few more cakes to root for!

Alabama vs Florida cupcakes

University of Alabama versus the Florida Gators in cupcake!

Ohio State grooms cake

Go Buckeyes! Ohio State grooms cake complete with candy buckeyes 🙂

The Many Cakes of Merideth! (My biggest fan :)

I have some pretty awesome people in my life, cheering me on as I endeavor to conquer the world of cake.  But no one has quite “put their money where their mouth is” quite like my dear friend Merideth!

Seriously, besides my husband and maybe my business roomate, Ms. Sheena Ratliff of Lensflare Photography, I can’t think of anyone who is more supportive of my caking career than Miss Mer-bear!  The funny thing is that I have known Merideth since I was a teenager.  Our paths crossed a lot growing up, she was my cousin’s girlfriend at one point and we also played softball together in high school, but we didn’t get to be friends until my husband joined the fitness cult of Crossfit!  (I’m kidding!  I love Crossfit…. ok I tolerate Crossfit 😉 )  Because my husband is my number one fan, and because he talks A LOT about me and my cakes, when Merideth needed a baby shower cake, she couldn’t wait to ask me to make one for her.

Well that was the beginning of Merideth’s cake obsession!  She has requested 4, that’s right, FOUR cakes from me in a ridiculously short period of time, and every time I see her she’s looking for another excuse to get a cake.  Sadly, for me, Merideth is soon joining the Army and moving away from my little corner of the world.  😦  I will miss her and her infectious laugh, but I look forward to making at least one more cake for her to wish her a fond farewell on her new adventure in life.

Wow!  That got kind of sad!  Sorry, not my intention at all.  What I really wanted to do was to celebrate my dear friend, and share all the masterpieces that I’ve gotten to create for her!  First the baby shower cake that started them all, and incidentally made Merideth cry tears of joy when I delivered it!

FSU baby shower cake

Mer really wanted a sports themed baby shower cake in FSU colors for her friend's co-ed baby shower.

Merideth must have some seriously fertile friends, because the second cake she wanted was another baby shower cake.  This time it was for a baby girl whose room is decorated in brown and pink.  So I tried to give her something match it!

Pink and brown baby shower cake with gumpaste booties

This feels like a baby fashion cake to me! Love it!!!

Close up of gumpaste booties on pink and brown baby shower cake

I just love the little booties! They're just so precious 🙂

Close up of button and name details on pink and brown baby shower cake

They used the cake to unveil the baby's beautiful name Milena ❤

Then Merideth’s own birthday was approaching, and incidentally she shares her birthday with one of her close friends.  So she began planning a gigantic birthday bash to celebrate and have more cake!  But sometimes life likes to take the wind out of our sails, and sadly Merideth decided to cancel the big birthday blow out.  But her friend wasn’t about to let her big day go uncelebrated.  So her sweet friend Beth, whose husband shares a birthday with Merideth, took the original cake order and made it her own.  Since her husband is a firefighter, she wanted a birthday cake featuring the firefighter’s Maltese cross.  The cake was based off a picture that Merideth and Beth found online.  The flames…. well they were my idea. 😀

Firefighter cross birthday cake

I love the patriotic detailing on this Maltese cross!

Firefighter birthday cake flames

Fire!!! Lol!

If you’re counting, you’ll notice that’s only three cakes, and at the beginning of this blog, I said Merideth got four cakes from me.  Well, the final cake was for Merideth!  She had kindly gotten so many cakes for her friends, that I was thrilled to finally make a cake for her.  As I’m writing this Merideth is currently relaxing away in Hawaii.  So in honor of her tropical vacation, I made Mer her very own hula girl cake.  Now don’t let the picture fool you.  This is a mini cake.  Just enough for the birthday girl!

So Merideth, I hope you know that I love you, and I thank God for you and the way you believe in me.  And I hope you loved your cake!  Come home soon 🙂

Hawaiian hula girl mini birthday cake

Merideth's mini birthday cake! This little hula girl was only about 4 inches tall! So cute!!!

Muddy Pooh! (Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Baby Shower Cake :)

So I get some pretty interesting requests for cakes from Mini Coopers, to pirates, to pink-polka-dotted guitars.  And I have to admit I do appreciate a customer who knows what they want!  But when I got a request for a baby shower cake featuring Winnie the Pooh pulling Piglet in a wagon decked out with mud tires going through I mud puddle, I was a little skeptical!

First of all, sculpting iconic characters like Winnie the Pooh always stresses me out.  Because everyone knows what Pooh looks like, so anything missing the mark ends up looking like a distant relative of Pooh.  Like his 3rd cousin, once removed, Whiney the Poot!  It’s just really hard to get it just right.

Well Jesus must have been with me that day 😉 because my figures were spot-on!  In fact, one friend commented that at first glance she thought they were made of plastic!  After the time that guy ate a piece of my cake off the ground, this was the best compliment anyone had ever given me!  I modeled the cake after a fishing themed cake that I made several months ago.  But instead of the scene looking like a swampy pond, I made it look more like a forest meadow.  Special props go out to my dear sister Crystal who assisted me with the cake, since it was my first cake since my surgery a month ago.  She put up with me bossing her around like a champ!

The cake itself was a buttermilk vanilla cake with vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting.  All the characters and embellishments were made from gumpaste.  For more baby shower cakes click here.

Feeds 35-40                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     MSRP $165

Mudding Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower cake

Winnie the Pooh baby shower featuring a Piglet in a "Mudding Wagon"

Gumpaste Winnie the Pooh baby shower cake

Close up of Winnie the Pooh pulling the "Muddin' Wagon"!

Piglet and Pooh Baby shower cake

Close up of gumpaste Piglet in the wagon.