Still Going Strong

Some of you may be aware of our recent situation at the bakery. If not, I invite you to take a look at a video I shot live on Facebook from our storefront.

We knew the building was old and had issues, but they got worse. The owner wasn’t fixing anything. So to keep our clients safe and to provide creations in a sanitary environment, we decided to continue our business from home until we find a new building. We appreciate the continued support and we hope to be back to a storefront by the first of the year! We are still taking on orders and looking forward to serving you!



I don’t generally write much about myself or a client,  but this cake and it’s story is unique and very dear to my heart.

Recently a couple came to my bakery to inquire about a wedding cake.  Such a lovely couple.  They requested a rustic cake with burlap ribbon and flowers.  I knew right away it was going to be a country wedding.  Then we discussed the groom’s cake, a beaver.  I noticed a slight smile cross the bride’s face,  indicating a story was behind the cake.  So…I asked. The bride proceeded to tell me that they “lived close to town,  but out of the way”.  That description felt familiar to me. Then she said they had lakes and a beaver terrorized them,  building dams and clogging the drain.  That also felt familiar. I instinctively said,  “you live in my old house! You live on (road name removed for privacy)!” Shocked,  the bride asked how I knew that. I told her my grandpa had built the lakes and the beautiful two story log cabin.  My grandparents raised me and my brother there. My grandpa had since passed and my grandma moved away.  I immediately teared up.  My grandpa had been on my mind a lot. I had been missing “home”.

Throughout the conversation,  we exchanged some stories of what we loved so much about the property.   one story being that I, myself was married on the property in 2001. I was also fortunate to live there for 2yrs with my boys, watching over the property,  while my grandparents lived in Brat, Fl. They got to experience some of the same things I did in my childhood.

I was invited to visit anytime,  which is so appreciated.  I’m reminded that God answers,  even when we don’t know we asked for something.

The couple said,  “I do!” on Saturday,  October 21st, 2017, just a few days before the 5th anniversary of my grandfather passing. I know I was meant to make this cake.  Just one more memory left for me to cherish.


Friend’s Weddings

May 30th I made a wedding cake for a dear friend that I’ve known since middle school. I was even fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid. Her wedding was very sophisticated and elegant all in one . The reception was even more so. It was a formal tea party! She gave me free range to do with her cake as I pleased. I thought to myself, ‘what fits with a tea party?’ Well…I chose to do a chandelier cake. I suspended it in mid air. As I hung it from a single clip, I watched as everyone gasped when I let it go. Would it fall? Nope! It hung there for about 2 hours before it was time to cut it. I watched as the same people who gasped earlier held their breath as my husband and I  took the cake down from the stand. I’ve never had the attention of a whole room before, but my oh my was it awkward.

Chandalier cake Chandalier Cake 2

To go along with the wedding cake, I made a groom’s cake. It was Kirby pushing a Kirby vacuum cleaner. Can you guess the new couple’s last name? 😉

Kirby Cake

Then this week, June 6, I was fortunate enough to make the cake of another long time friend. I’ve been friends with the groom since 3rd grade! Their theme was burlap and sunflowers. I’ve never seen such a beautiful country chic wedding. No details were left undone. Hay bales to sit on, a barn type overhang decorated with tea lights in mason jars, a varnished homemade wooden cake plate with the couple’s name engraved…you name it, they had it! Oh, and the cupcake stand was also homemade to match the cake plate. The site of the venue was absolutely breath taking. I grew up in the country, so this country girl can appreciate the simple beauty of things.

sunflower wed 2Sunflower wedsunflower cupcakes

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, I enjoy doing wedding cakes. But it sure is something special to do them for the friends you grow up with. People who you know a backstory to, and they know yours. May these two beautiful couples have a long, blessed life together. And thank you…for letting me be a part of your memories!