Pricing & Payments


We accept cash or credit. Invoices are available to be paid online.

All bookings are required to pay a nonrefundable deposit/retainer in order to be placed on the schedule. Bookings are made by availability. If another party books before the deposit is paid, it could result in Lolo’s having no availability to do your cake.

Q. Why do I have to pay a nonrefundable deposit/retainer?

A. It helps keep costs low in case of a no-show or cancellation.


Cupcakes must be ordered by the dozen per flavor ordered. Prices start at $24 a dozen for standard flavors and just icing. Premium flavors cost extra. For more information on figures and artwork on each cupcake please e-mail for custom prices. A 25% nonrefundable deposit/retainer is required in order to book your order.

A “rush order” is required to be paid in full and is 100% nonrefundable. Rush orders are 5 days within event (or 1 month in advance for weddings). A rush order fee may be applied.

Special Occasion Cakes

Single tiers start at $60 and go up. Two tiered cakes start at $125 (6 & 8in round, two layers each) and go up. Flavors, complexity of design, etc. cost extra. Call or email for a quote. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In order to be placed on the schedule, you must pay a 25% nonrefundable deposit/retainer (50% for weddings). This is payable online.

Rush orders are 100% nonrefundable and must be paid in full at time of ordering. A rush order fee may be applied.

Q. Are special occasion cakes and wedding cakes priced differently?

A. Yes. Prices differ because a special occasion cake has two layers per tier. Wedding cakes are 3 layers per tier and are a bit taller than a regular “party cake”, making them more elegant. Some cakes (special occasion or wedding) have what is known as a “double barrel”, which is a super tall tier. Prices are reflected by amount of servings regardless of occasion.

Tastings (Weddings only)

Tastings are $50. You can choose 2 premium flavor options and 1 standard flavor option. *If you book a wedding cake, $30 of the fee will be credited to your balance upon receipt of your 50% nonrefundable deposit/retainer on orders over $200. Deposit must be placed at the time of your tasting in order for the partial fee to be credited. This is a one time incentive.

Wedding Cakes

There is a minimum wedding cake price of $200* We offer payment plans to help with the cost of your cake. All wedding cakes must be paid off one month before the event, unless other arrangements have been discussed. A rush order fee may be applied to cakes ordered within 14 days or less of the event.

All cake prices include the choice of golden butter or chocolate butter flavor options with vanilla or chocolate buttercream. Other gourmet/premium flavors, frostings, and fillings are an additional cost.

Other sizes available. Quotes available upon request.

Serving amounts include the top layer and are calculated for round cakes.

Cake Height/ Pan Size and Servings

2 Tier:

6”, 10” 40-50

8”, 12” 70-80

3 Tier:

4”, 6”, 8” 35-45

6”, 8”, 10” 70-80

6”, 9”, 12” 90-100

6”, 10”, 14” 115-12

4 Tier:

4”, 6”, 8”, 10” 70-80

6”, 8”, 10”, 12” 125-135

6”, 9”, 12”, 14” 165-175

4”, 8”, 12”, 16” 175-185

5 Tier:

4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” 125-135

6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” 195-205

Additional Charges:

Various shapes (square, hexagon, heart, etc.) add $10+ per tier.

Premium cake flavor- add $10+ per tier

Premium fillings- add $10+ per tier

Gumpaste flowers- $5ea and up

Gumpaste figures- $25ea and up

Intricate decorations (Cornelli lace, all-over piping work, multiple fondant cutouts, etc.) will be determined by complexity of the design.


Delivery is $1 per mile from our location in Crestview, FL with $25 being the minimum delivery fee. Delivery is only available for wedding cakes.

Our Delivery Area – if delivery is further than 75 miles, cost per mile will be more.

Teal and Coral elegance
Map of wedding cake delivery area
Map of wedding cake delivery area

10 thoughts on “Pricing & Payments

  1. Beth, Thanks for the cupcakes you brought by Baby and Me yesterday. I had the chocolate, gluten-free, reluctantly, and it was DELICIOUS!!! I’m hooked. We also shared the strawberry cupcake with a customer and she asked for your card. One the icing on the gluten-free sugar-free? Thanks again, Debbie

  2. Hi Lola,
    You called me yesterday to set up appt. I would like to come tomorrow to sit down with you. So please give me a call back tomorrow in the am.
    Thank you,

  3. I am planning my wedding for this coming October. It is going to be a halloween themed wedding, and all of my guests will be dressing up for the occasion. The venue will be covered in creepy cobwebs and scary but elegant decorations. Naturally I want my wedding cake to tie into this theme. I have done a few searches online to get an Idea of what I want the cake to look like, now I need to find an artist to make the cake a reality. The article you posted about making that little girls 13th birthday cake from a picture she drew has lured me to you, I deffinately need someone who is excited to play around with new inspirations. Here are a couple pictures of example cakes I have found online…

    ( ) – My fiance and I like the dripping effect on this cake but the rest of the cake seems a little plain, its missing color and detail.

    ( ) – I love the combination of red and black fondant in this cake, it really makes the cake pop. However I would like to stay away from the butterflies and the nightmare before christmas characters, we are more of a classic zombie couple.

    I will eventually draw a picture of exactly what I am looking for so that my wedding cake will be origional, but I feel that these two cakes make good examples, so what do you think? Are you up for the challenge?

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