Signature Premium Cupcakes

This page is currently under construction. We are adding NEW flavors! Please feel free to contact us for futher information until we’ve listed out all of our new premium cupcakes.

Standard ($24/dzn)

These cupcakes cannot be altered. See ‘build your own cupcake’ below.

  • Very Vanilla– rich butter cake made with real vanilla bean, topped with a classic vanilla buttercream.
  • Chocoholic– basic butter chocolate cake topped with a creamy chocolate buttercream.
  • Yin Yang– rich butter cake marbled with basic butter chocolate, topped with your choice of chocolate or vanilla buttercream.


Premium ($30/dzn)

These cupcakes cannot be altered. See ‘build your own cupcake’ below.

  • Triple Chocolate– rich chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips, topped with vanilla buttercream.
  • Sweet Strawberry– strawberry cake made with real diced strawberries topped with fresh strawberry buttercream.  Subject to season availability.
  • Zesty Lemon– lemon cake made with real lemon topped with fresh lemon buttercream.
  • White Wedding– a smooth white velvet cake infused with almond flavor, topped with a vanilla buttercream. This is a classic for sure!
  • Red Red Velvet– smooth red velvet cake, a vanilla cake with a hint of cocoa, topped with a real cream cheese buttercream.


Lolo’s Signatures (Price as listed)

These cupcakes CANNOT be altered. These flavors are also offered ONLY as cupcakes and are not available for tastings. See ‘build your own cupcake’ below.

  • Total Blackout– Chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate ganache and rolled in chocolate cookie crumbs and a sprinkle of black sea salt. $36/dzn
  • Drunken Monkey– Banana cake infused with a buttered rum, topped with a salted caramel buttercream. $36/dzn.
  • White Christmas– white velvet cake topped with white chocolate buttercream and sweetened coconut flakes. $30/dzn.
  • Cherry Bomb– chocolate cake filled with cherry pie filling, topped with vanilla buttercream and chocolate chunks/shavings. $30/dzn
  • Grasshopper– Mint infused chocolate cake topped with mint buttercream. $27/dzn
  • Strawberry Éclair– vanilla cake filled with strawberry pudding, topped with chocolate ganache. $33/dzn
  • Sundae Stroll– vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream, a chocolate drizzle, maraschino cherry and chopped peanuts. $33/dzn
  • Strawberry Sunshine– strawberry cake (no real strawberry) topped with lemon buttercream. $30/dzn
  • Fall Pumpkin Patch– bold pumpkin spice cake topped with cinnamon buttercream. $30/dzn
  • Titanic– vanilla cake topped with sweet rosewater buttercream. See what I did there?? $30/dzn
  • Rustic Herbs– lemon rosemary olive oil cake topped with fresh basil buttercream. $33/dzn
  • Flower Child– chamomile cake topped with local honey buttercream. $27/dzn
  • Black and Red– red velvet cake, a vanilla cake with a hint of cocoa, with crushed oreos mixed in, topped with cream cheese buttercream. $33/dzn
  • Aphrodisiac– FLAVOR COMING SOON
  • Ladies Night– FLAVOR COMING SOON
  • Blue Sapphire– FLAVOR COMING SOON


Build Your Own Cupcake

Didn’t see what you were looking for in the list? Like, maybe a vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream for example? No problem! You may pick a cake flavor and buttercream flavor to build your own custom cupcake. Prices will vary. You may also visit the Flavors, Frostings, & Fillings….. page for a full list.


cake 9


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