Western Cowgirl Sweet 16 Birthday Cake! YEEHAW!!!!

I love doing Sweet 16 cakes.  Especially when a girl ventures out of the status quo, and does something unique and off-beat!  And I have to say this is one of those cakes!

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the current trend of animal prints and bright colors (i.e. zebra stripes and hot pink), but it’s getting difficult to come up with new and creative ways to make those cakes!  Now I will be honest, when I first saw the cake that my client wanted, with it’s country-western cowboy design, I wasn’t too thrilled.  But like I do most of the time when a client brings me a picture of a cake that they found online, I tweaked it and changed it to make it my own 🙂  The more I worked on this cake design, the more I fell in love with it.

Now the original design had the three tiers of denim, red bandana, black and white cow hide.  My client really wanted to have her daughter’s name incorporated into the cake somehow.  Well, I felt like I had an epiphany.  What better way to display someone’s name on a Country-western birthday cake, then with a big, ol’ belt buckle!!!  I was so excited.  I didn’t even tell my client because I wanted to see the look on her face when she saw my work of pure genius! 😉  Here’s the sketch of Jayde’s cake.

Western Cowgirl birthday cake sketch

The sketch of Jayde's Cowgirl birthday cake

The actual Texas style cake came out even more spectacularly than the sketch!  And of course the cake tasted just as good as it looked.  The flavors were chocolate butter cake with chocolate and vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant.  I always love a girl who loves chocolate!  Yeehaw!!!

Cowgirl Western Sweet 16 birthday cake

Jayde's Cowgirl 16th birthday cake

Denim tier western 16th birthday cake

Denim details with gumpaste daisies and rope 16

Gumpaste belt buckle western 16th birthday cake

My favorite part! Jayde's belt buckle!!!

A Cake with Monster Energy!

This week’s cakes were kind of crazy but a little fun!  I got to help celebrate two momentous birthdays.  The first was for a 16 year old guy named Grant, who like most boys his age, loves a good energy drink! 🙂

I never actually met Grant, but his mom was very excited to get him a cake shaped like a giant Monster energy drink for his birthday party at Lake Jackson in Florala, AL.  So I set off to make a giant cake that looked like Grant’s favorite drink laying on it’s side.  The cake actually ended up being 4 times the size of the real drink.  My very spatially-aware husband had to bust out a tape measure and calculator to make sure that the proportions were spot on.  He doesn’t seem to think that my “that-looks-good-to-me” strategy is good enough! 😉  I’m glad I have him around for those things.  The cake turned out amazingly well.  In fact when we showed pictures to a friend while at a party at Helen Back pizza on Okaloosa Island, she wanted to know why we were showing her a picture of an energy drink 🙂

Of course the birthday cake tasted just as good as it looked!  It was a delicious golden butter cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and my world-famous (well it’s famous in my head!) marshmallow fondant.  The Monster M and logo were cut out of fondant 🙂

monster energy drink cake

Grant's 16th birthday Monster Energy Drink birthday cake. Feeds 50-60. MSRP $200

Black and blue monster drink cake

Top view of the Monster Energy birthday cake 🙂

*Side Note*  While searching Google images for other Monster Energy drink cakes, so I could see how others had constructed and designed their cakes, I found a cool Monster drink cupcake from a bakery in Michigan.  It’s actually flavored with Monster!  So what do you think, should I make an energy drink flavored cupcake?  If so, what flavor would you like to see?  I think Sobe Energize would be yummy!