Flaming Phoenix Birthday Cake!

I think it’s rather apropos to feature a phoenix (the bird, not the city) cake on the weekend of the opening of the final Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  You know since Dumbledore had a phoenix…..  You know…..Fawkes……  You know what…. I’m kind of a dork!  Oh well, I’m ok with that!  🙂

My dear friend Erica has a beautiful, quirky daughter named Emma.  Emma has been sketching and dreaming about her birthday cake since I made her brother a Mini Cooper cake for his 7th birthday back in January.  That’s 7 months, people!  And when you’re turning 11, that’s almost an eternity to wait for your very own custom birthday cake.

Originally, the cake was supposed to be for both Emma and her brother Avery since their birthdays are so close together.  But Emma sweet talked (or threatened, I’m not sure which) her brother into letting her have creative license with the cake.  Have I mentioned how much I love Emma?!  I’d totally steal her if her parents would let me!  So she wanted either a dragon cake or a phoenix cake.  She and her mom perused Google and found a picture of a cake that they liked, and I tweaked it to make it my own. 🙂   Not to toot my own horn, but the resulting cake came out even better than I’d envisioned it!  I love it when that happens.  😀

Emma enjoyed her brother’s triple chocolate cake so much, that she wanted that flavor, too!  So she got a triple chocolate birthday cake with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant.  The phoenix is made of gumpaste and the feathers and plumage are made of fondant.

Phoenix firebird birthday cake

Phoenix birthday cake!

Back of phoenix birthday cake

Back view of the phoenix's feathers

Close up of Phoenix

Close up view of the phoenix


A Birthday on the Wild Side! (Animal Print Birthday Cakes)

Like anything else, there are different trends that come and go in the world of cake.  Right now the hot trend for girls is zebra print.  Specifically zebra print paired with hot pink.  And I have to say I love it!

Here was the first  zebra/hot pink birthday cake request I received from a long time friend for her daughter’s 12th birthday.  I love the clean, simplicity of this cake.  This features the hot pink and zebra trend in it’s purest form.

pink border and bow zebra print birthday cake

Birthday cake with zebra stripes with hot pink bow and accents. Feeds 30-35. MSRP $115

The next two cakes were for sisters celebrating their 16th and 13th birthdays just a week apart.  I love the variations on the theme; the neon green touches in the 13th birthday cake really pop.  Always doing something a little different keeps me from getting bored and makes a one-of-a-kind cake for my clients. 🙂

pink and zebra striped bow sweet 16 birthday cake

Sweet 16 cake in hot pink and zebra stripes. Feeds 60-65. MSRP $210

Pink skirt zebra print monogrammed 13th birthday cake

13th birthday cake in hot pink and zebra stripes with neon green accents. Feeds 60-65. MSRP $200

But some of my clients let me take zebra stripes to a whole new level, giving me free reign to do whatever I want.  That’s when the really exciting things happen 😀

Pink ruffle skirt 80s birthday cake

80's theme birthday cake with purple zebra stripes. Feeds 60-65. MSRP $185

red and zebra print birthday cake

Red and zebra print birthday cake with jewels. Feeds 30-35. MSRP $110













And then there are those “special” clients that scare me a little with all the different elements they want on the cake.  I want to make my client happy but I still want to make a beautiful cake, not like a jungle exploded on it!  So these next couple of cakes stressed me out a little, and made me wonder whether my clients were schizophrenic! 😉  But in the end there wasn’t anything to worry about.

Wild Animal zebra giraffe and leopard print birthday cake

Zebra, giraffe and leopard print birthday cake. Feeds 30-35. MSRP $150

The wildest and craziest of all was requested by a client that wanted to start a new trend.  Her daughter’s 12th birthday had featured the hot pink and zebra theme and the following year they saw at least 3 other cakes with the same theme.  So for her 13th birthday, they wanted something hot and new.  Sticking with the animal print we went from zebras to leopards, and instead of hot pink we got electric blue.  Well, you can see for yourself the amazingness that ensued!

Topsy Turvy birthday cake brown and teal

Brown leopard print and blue topsy-turvy birthday cake. Feeds 60-65. MSRP $250

Happy Father’s Day! (Harley-Davidson Flame Cake)

Life around here is never dull 🙂 Especially not on special occasions like today…. Father’s Day!  So let me tell you how my day went…

First I have to tell you a little about my husband, David.  He’s a wonderful husband and father, but when it comes to giving him a gift for any occasion, he is a big pain in the neck!  So this year, I skipped the stores, both in person and online, and instead I gave him some more unconventional gifts.  The first, I cleaned out our closet 🙂  Hey, he loved it!  The second gift was a gift of sacrifice.  I joined him at his cult….Crossfit.  (It’s not really a cult 🙂  Now you have to understand, I don’t workout.  I mean, I kind of look like I do, but I don’t.  I just watch what I eat and run around like a crazy person making cakes and chasing kids!

So to say that I enjoyed getting up at 5:30 this morning to run, do burpies, step ups and a multitude of other torturous activities would be a complete and utter lie.  I hated it!  (Even more so now that every muscle in my body feels like its made of stone!)  But I did it, at least what I could do of it!  But of  course I needed to get back home, because…… I had a special occasion cake to finish before church at 11:00!  I thought I would have plenty of time to finish after our workout, but no it was an extra hard one, so instead of being gone a little over an hour, we were gone almost two!

Ironically, the cake I had to finish was a Harley-Davidson themed Father’s day cake that my son’s teacher requested.  Because I had a lot to do, I enlisted the help of my husband (since it was his fault I was running late 😉 to cut out fondant letters.  So I spent the last hour and a half before I had to leave cutting out fondant flames, attaching them to the cake and painting them; creating a fondant Harley-Davidson logo, and prepping my husband’s fathers’ day meal in the crock pot; while getting ready for church.  Miraculously, we were only 12 minutes late 😀  And she loved the cake.  Sorry about the lousy pics.  We didn’t have time to take any, so my husband shot these with his iPhone!  Lol.

So Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there!  Or as they say on Cake Wrecks “Happy Falker Satherhood!”

Harley Davidson fathers day cake

Flaming Harley-Davidson Father's Day cake

Harley Davidson Father's Day cake top view

Harley-Davidson themed Father's Day cake

Happy customer eating Harley Fathers Day cake

Customer's father enjoying his custom Harley-Davidson cake!