Sweet as a Daisy Wedding Cake!

Do you remember that thing in the 80s “Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon” or whatever it was called. 😛 Lol.  Well this cake was kind of like that.  Let me explain…

Several months ago a sweet girl, named Ashlee, contacted me about making her wedding cake, so we set up a time to meet.  Before the first meeting, I already started learning how “connected” I was to this bride.  First of all, her father has been playing tennis with my husband for the past 8 years!  Then I found out that she was the student teacher in the class of little E, whose mother is one of my dearest friends and for whom I made a 3D Mini Cooper birthday cake last year.  They were both very excited for me to make her wedding cake!

So I already felt like I knew Ashlee when we met to discuss her wedding cake.  She had been looking at the wedding cakes that I’d already made and really liked the “Carol”, but she wanted to tweak it to make it custom to her wedding, which I love to do!  So we decided to forgo the monochromatic, white-on-white and instead incorporate her colors of yellow and green.  We also went with a daisy instead of the primrose flowers.  The sketch turned out perfectly and we were both thrilled with the promise of new and beautiful cake for her wedding.

Now you’re probably wondering why I mentioned the Kevin Bacon thing when there were only 2 connections between myself and Ashlee and that isn’t anything to get excited over.  Well, if those were the only 2, I wouldn’t have mentioned it.  But when a comment thread broke out on FB over the picture of Carol’s wedding cake, I just had to laugh.  Ashlee commented that she didn’t realize that this cake, which she’d wanted her own wedding cake to be patterned after, was Carol’s.  That’s right Carol and Ashlee know each other!  Then a few weeks later after I’d posted pictures of Ciara’s wedding cake the same thing happened again!  Ashlee also knows Ciara! Lol.  It’s like I was destined to make Ashlee’s cake.

daisy yellow and green wedding cake

The sketch of Ashlee's yellow daisy wedding cake.

I got really excited when Ashlee and I started talking about flavors.  You see, I love it when a bride steps out of the box with the flavor of her wedding cake.  Most just want vanilla, but not Ashlee.  When she heard about my lemon-berry cake, she got very excited.  She thought the lemon cake with raspberry preserves filling and vanilla buttercream would be perfect for her July wedding in Bluewater Bay, FL.  I couldn’t agree more.  I also pointed out that the cake would look lovely when it was cut, because it would match her color scheme.  🙂

When it was all said and done, I felt like I knew Ashlee and that I was meant to make her wedding cake.  I often feel like my bride’s are all my long-lost sisters.  And that was definitely true of Ashlee!  I wish her and her new husband Kevin many, many MANY years of happiness and joy in their marriage!

yellow daisy and green scroll wedding cake

Ashlee's beautiful yellow daisy wedding cake 🙂

Yellow daisy wedding cake with green scroll accents

Detail view of Ashlee's yellow and green wedding cake


Happy Father’s Day! (Harley-Davidson Flame Cake)

Life around here is never dull 🙂 Especially not on special occasions like today…. Father’s Day!  So let me tell you how my day went…

First I have to tell you a little about my husband, David.  He’s a wonderful husband and father, but when it comes to giving him a gift for any occasion, he is a big pain in the neck!  So this year, I skipped the stores, both in person and online, and instead I gave him some more unconventional gifts.  The first, I cleaned out our closet 🙂  Hey, he loved it!  The second gift was a gift of sacrifice.  I joined him at his cult….Crossfit.  (It’s not really a cult 🙂  Now you have to understand, I don’t workout.  I mean, I kind of look like I do, but I don’t.  I just watch what I eat and run around like a crazy person making cakes and chasing kids!

So to say that I enjoyed getting up at 5:30 this morning to run, do burpies, step ups and a multitude of other torturous activities would be a complete and utter lie.  I hated it!  (Even more so now that every muscle in my body feels like its made of stone!)  But I did it, at least what I could do of it!  But of  course I needed to get back home, because…… I had a special occasion cake to finish before church at 11:00!  I thought I would have plenty of time to finish after our workout, but no it was an extra hard one, so instead of being gone a little over an hour, we were gone almost two!

Ironically, the cake I had to finish was a Harley-Davidson themed Father’s day cake that my son’s teacher requested.  Because I had a lot to do, I enlisted the help of my husband (since it was his fault I was running late 😉 to cut out fondant letters.  So I spent the last hour and a half before I had to leave cutting out fondant flames, attaching them to the cake and painting them; creating a fondant Harley-Davidson logo, and prepping my husband’s fathers’ day meal in the crock pot; while getting ready for church.  Miraculously, we were only 12 minutes late 😀  And she loved the cake.  Sorry about the lousy pics.  We didn’t have time to take any, so my husband shot these with his iPhone!  Lol.

So Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there!  Or as they say on Cake Wrecks “Happy Falker Satherhood!”

Harley Davidson fathers day cake

Flaming Harley-Davidson Father's Day cake

Harley Davidson Father's Day cake top view

Harley-Davidson themed Father's Day cake

Happy customer eating Harley Fathers Day cake

Customer's father enjoying his custom Harley-Davidson cake!


New Custom Cake Business in Crestview, FL!

It’s finally happened! For over a year now, people have been telling me that I need to open my own bakery. Well, guess what, people? I AM!!! Lolo’s Cakes & Sweets is officially a registered business for real! Now lets go back a few months so I can share the miraculous story of how this all came to be 🙂

First I have to tell you about my friend. Her name is Sheena, and she is crazy! After my husband, she is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. If you’ve ever mentioned the word cake around Sheena, you know what I’m talking about! Now Sheena herself is a talented artist, but her master pieces come from the lens of camera. She owns Lens Flare Photography (wedding, maternity, newborn, & family photography) and for many, MANY months, maybe a year even, she has been talking about finding a studio space in Crestview, FL. But she was always looking for a space that also had a kitchen, why does a photographer need a studio? Because she wanted me to have a bakery that badly 🙂

Well, I just thought she was being sweet and well….crazy. But a few months ago the desire to have a space for my cakes outside of my home was getting really strong, and I began to entertain the idea of sharing a space with Sheena, and I found that idea to be very exciting. So I asked my husband to ask a realtor friend of his to look for a place that would work for us. And this is where God stepped in, and started me on the ride of a lifetime. Because come on, what are the odds that there would be a place in Crestview, preferably on the north end of town, that had a commercial kitchen, a large room suitable for a studio, and an extra room for meeting with clients, for RENT? Oh and I was praying for a specific price range too! Two hours, that’s right HOURS, later David got an email of a listing for a small 5 room house that had been used for a catering business a couple of years ago, and it had been sitting on the market for 6 months. When we saw that house, it was perfect! And from there God just began to answer every prayer we sent up with a resounding YES!

Last week we signed our lease and picked up our keys! And our lease officially begins June 1st! We will have our 2 separate businesses residing in our cute little “cake studio” at 327 Hickory Ave. Here in good, old Crestview, FL. It’s not an eat in bakery. It’s custom cake orders by appointment only (cupcakes, wedding cakes, bridal shower cakes, baby showers, birthday cakes, special occasion cakes)  and I’m hoping that we will be opening officially by the end of the month! Yay!

Now many of you may be wondering why all the secrecy and cryptic messages over the last couple of weeks. Well, first because of the “cake shed” incident! And second because my crazy creative friend Sheena couldn’t see why we would want to just blab our big surprise. Oh no! She likes to do things with style! So to commemorate our future together and friends and business roomies we did a photo shoot, and well….I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves!

Friends :)

We are in this together!

Cupcake war

But things begin to get a little out of hand!

Cake in my eye!

Sheena said she was aiming for my cheek.... well her aim SUCKS! Because that is cupcake in my EYE! So I had to retaliate 🙂

After the war

We kiss and make up after our epic battle!

New Custom Cake studio Crestview FL

Our new home!

These new businesses will be serving the communities of Baker, Crestview, Defuniak Springs, Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, Laurel Hill, Mary Esther, Milton, Navarre, Niceville, Pace, Panama City Beach, Pensacola, Shalimar, Valparaiso & surrounding areas.